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The Unlocking Of Yoga Classes & How Best To Protect Yourself

Ganesh with mask

As a locked-down stir-crazy yoga teacher, I thought it might be interesting and perhaps even useful to try and get a sense of what a post-lockdown yoga world could look like. Although I don't have a crystal ball, one thing I can say for certain is that when we all eventually get back to class it won’t be anything like what we’ve experienced before. (Read time approx. 11 min. 30 sec.)

Now My “Yoga for Stress” Class Is Online, I Thought After 20 years of Teaching It’s A Good Time To Explain What It Is I Do And Why

The big question every yoga teacher asks themselves when they first start teaching is, with all the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired - what exactly is it I’m going to teach? Unfortunately for me, when it came time to answer this important question, I knew I had a problem - and although I considered it to be a good kind of problem, it was definitely a problem nonetheless.

Can Yoga Really Boost Your Immune System?

Yoga and the Immune System

Whether it’s to do with the coronavirus or at any other time in life, having a strong immune system is not only about health but also about getting the most out of life. Health is wealth as they say, and the idea of boosting your immune system is naturally appealing - but are there really things you can do to support or even boost it? (Read time approx. 3 min. 50 sec.)