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Our affiliate program, agoy Affiliate Friends, allows us to connect with some of our most influential fans and yogis who share the same values with agoy.

agoy is a yoga product company that has a very simple aim, one we've placed right underneath our name on our logo - "live to inspire". We believe that if we can create beautifully designed, perfectly functioned yoga products that respect our environment, we can inspire people to enjoy their yoga practice with a deeper sense of connection.
We consist of a small team of devoted yoga lovers, who also happen to be experienced designers and materials experts. We believe it’s a combination of our experience as well as our passion that makes us best equipped to understand the needs of today’s yogis.
Our newly released Gecko Towel is the next generation yoga towel that designed to solve the No.1 problem people say they experience while practicing yoga – sliding on their mat or towel. By using a unique patented combination of tactile silicone and super absorbent towel, we have maximized the connection people get from both sides of the towel, which in turn results in better all-round performance and a consistent level of grip throughout the practice, wet or dry!
The beauty of the Gecko Towel is that it can be used for any style of yoga and acts as a clean surface on top of unhygienic studio mats. Unlike a yoga mat, it is light-weight, easy to fold and small enough to toss in a bag. It is machine washable and dries in no time ready to use again-and-again.
Even before the coronavirus the idea of a hygienic option to practice yoga on has to be a good idea. If you’ve ever tried to wash a yoga mat you know it's not going to be a mat – even if you wipe down the mat after use. Yoga towels are great for hygiene because they can be placed on top of a public mat and are easy to wash – but as everyone knows they just don't grip. But now we have a next-generation yoga towel – the agoy Gecko Towel.
What gives the Gecko Towel the amazing ability to grip in both wet and dry conditions is a patented silicon application of silicon on both sides of a super soft, super absorbent microfiber towel. This unique combination optimizes the connection the user gets from both sides of the towel, allowing the user to go beyond what is thought possible.
In addition to the Gecko Towel’s ground-breaking performance it also:
•    Works for all styles and levels of yoga
•    Acts as a clean surface on unhygienic public yoga mats
•    Is ideal for people who sweat when practicing 
•    Is easy to fold, lightweight and small enough to throw in a bag
•    Machine washable and dry’s in no time
•    Will outlast the vast majority of yoga mats
•    Is made using an eco-friendly cold manufacturing process     
•    Contains 30% recycled material
•    Designed to last
•    And also Includes a free Tyvek® reusable wet bag

Contact us at affiliate@agoy.com or CLICK to apply!