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As a yoga company we have a very simple aim, one we’ve placed right underneath our name on our logo - “live to inspire”.  We believe that if we can create beautifully designed, perfectly functional yoga products that respect our environment, we can inspire people to practice yoga with a deeper sense of connection.

agoy started out in London back in 1999, when British yoga teacher Howard Napper wanted to use his past experience as a fashion designer to produce a contemporary range of yoga products as yet another way of sharing his love and appreciation of yoga with others.

Years later, we still consist of a small team of devoted yoga lovers, who also happen to be experienced designers and materials experts. We believe it’s a combination of our experience as well as our passion that makes us best equipped to understand the needs of today’s yogis.

When you demand more from your yoga, we will always innovate and push our boundaries, as well as the boundaries of the materials we work with.  We have to admit that we do this in part for our own yoga needs, but also because we know anything less just won’t help us achieve our most important goal – to inspire you.    

Our desire to innovate also forces us to make big changes from time-to-time, and in 2018 we reimagined and­­­ re-launched the company with what we believe to be the most ground-breaking yoga product since the introduction of the yoga mat – the Gecko Touch. The Gecko Touch is the first release in the Gecko Collection, our new range of next generation yoga towels.

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